Omnipotent Incompetence

My friends and I managed to get tickets for PAX Prime, so the next few months I will be completely overhauling my portfolio. I’m also going to try to get some 3D modelling/animation work finished enough to include, but illustration is going to be the priority. I have a fair grasp of basic modelling in Maya and 3DS Max now, and I’m working on figuring out textures/normal maps/etc. I started on an art test for an internship opening at ArenaNet, which was to model this character. I’m not going to have it finished in time due to still learning things about Maya, but I figured I would post what I have here. What follows is the female proxy model I made while learning modelling, and the progress I made on the low poly version of the art test character.

Female Proxy Model FrontFemale Proxy Model SideFemale Proxy Model Perspective
In Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model FrontIn Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model SideIn Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model Perspective
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