The Bloodraven

Bloodraven Angle

The culmination of over a year of work, and close to fifteen years of research and designs.

The Bloodraven is a 10 string, fanned fret, through neck, solid body electric mandolin with a brass nut and wooden pickup rings and covers. The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan ’59, and the bridge pickup is a Dimarzio X2N. It has a 3 way switch, a master volume knob, and a tone knob for each pickup.

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Only the Trees Remember

This is the piece I have in the Winter Is Coming show at LTD Gallery. The show runs from March 1st-23rd, and then will be on display at Emerald City Comic Con from March 28th-30th. If you care at all about not spoiling anything from future story lines in Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) don’t read any further.

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Winter Is Coming


Winter Is Coming

I’m going to have work in the “Winter Is Coming” group show at LTD Gallery in Capitol Hill. The show is all work based on the A Song of Ice and Fire books so it is potentially super crazy spoilery if you care about that at all. The stuff I’ve done for it all qualifies as solidly spoiler territory so heads up. I’ll be posting the finished products up here once the show goes up.

Here is a more detailed press release for anyone interested. 

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Don’t Starve recently released official mod tools and support. My friend Nick and I both really like the game and he and his wife had an idea for a mod so we took a crack at it. It adds a few new vegetables to the game as well as the ability to pickle food to extend its shelf life. I had to figure out how to blend the new art in with the game but I’ve got it down pretty well now and will likely go back and rework the first set of assets I made to look a little better. We uploaded the mod to the Steam Workshop a few days ago and it’s doing pretty well. It’s currently the number one mod for Don’t Starve and we’re at 2,748 unique visitors and 985 subscribers. We’re continuing to add content and have plans to keep supporting it.

Cabbage, cucumber, sauerkraut, pickled herring, pickled eggs, and a pickle.

A few of the new foods we added.

Pickle It IconMod CoverSauerkraut
CabbagePickled CarrotPickled Corn
CucumberPicklePickled Egg
Pickled EggplantPickled HerringPickled Mush
Pickled MushroomPickled PumpkinRoasted Cabbage



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Green Chile Goat

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Hey It’s Burnt Umber

A few 20’s from my most recent session.


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Multi Session Image Dump

Four sessions. I guess I haven’t updated in a while huh?


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Two separate sessions.

5 Minute poses20 minute pose20 minute pose
20 minute pose20 minute pose2 minute poses
2 minute poses10 minute pose10 minute pose
20 minute pose20 minute pose30 minute pose

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Omnipotent Incompetence

My friends and I managed to get tickets for PAX Prime, so the next few months I will be completely overhauling my portfolio. I’m also going to try to get some 3D modelling/animation work finished enough to include, but illustration is going to be the priority. I have a fair grasp of basic modelling in Maya and 3DS Max now, and I’m working on figuring out textures/normal maps/etc. I started on an art test for an internship opening at ArenaNet, which was to model this character. I’m not going to have it finished in time due to still learning things about Maya, but I figured I would post what I have here. What follows is the female proxy model I made while learning modelling, and the progress I made on the low poly version of the art test character.

Female Proxy Model FrontFemale Proxy Model SideFemale Proxy Model Perspective
In Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model FrontIn Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model SideIn Progress ArenaNet Art Test Model Perspective
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Seems like Wyatt’s decided the new studio’s name is Paradiso.

2 minute gestures2 minute gestures10 minute pose
20 minute portrait20 minute pose40 minute pose
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