Don’t Starve recently released official mod tools and support. My friend Nick and I both really like the game and he and his wife had an idea for a mod so we took a crack at it. It adds a few new vegetables to the game as well as the ability to pickle food to extend its shelf life. I had to figure out how to blend the new art in with the game but I’ve got it down pretty well now and will likely go back and rework the first set of assets I made to look a little better. We uploaded the mod to the Steam Workshop a few days ago and it’s doing pretty well. It’s currently the number one mod for Don’t Starve and we’re at 2,748 unique visitors and 985 subscribers. We’re continuing to add content and have plans to keep supporting it.

Cabbage, cucumber, sauerkraut, pickled herring, pickled eggs, and a pickle.

A few of the new foods we added.

Pickle It IconMod CoverSauerkraut
CabbagePickled CarrotPickled Corn
CucumberPicklePickled Egg
Pickled EggplantPickled HerringPickled Mush
Pickled MushroomPickled PumpkinRoasted Cabbage



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