I Parked On The Right Side Of Crime Scene Tape

The figure session I go to resumed this week so guess what? Oh man it’s figure drawings. I have some other stuff to post but I’ll put it in a separate entry.

2 minute poses2 minute poses20 minute pose
20 minute pose20 minute pose20 minute pose
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Mind Bullets

Finally figured out modelling in Maya about 3 days ago and I’m working on Zbrush, so I might just be employable pretty soon here. I’ll have some of that to post in a few days. In the mean time here’s a portrait of a pretty lady I know. I painted it to try out Photoshop color swatches I sampled from Windsor Newton’s website. It makes the transition from traditional the digital a little less jarring to be able to use the same colors I’m used to.

Pretty Lady
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A Mariachi Band Just Walked Out Of The Elevator Into A Limo

30 second gestures1 minute gestures2 minute gestures
5 minute pose5 minute pose20 minute digital painting
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Figure X: The One Where I Stop Numbering Them

I should probably post more than these weekly sessions. I’ll figure something out. I also just noticed I haven’t used twitter in about a decade.

5 minute pose10 Minute pose that I didn10 minute pose
20 minute portrait20 minute digital painting40 minute digital painting
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Figure VIII and IX: Nothing Cleanses Quite Like Fire

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I haven’t been idle. Here is some of the work from my past few figure sessions. Going to try to get back into doing new portfolio pieces now, so hopefully I’ll have more to post about soon.

Gestures5 Minute Poses5 and 10 minute poses
20 minute pose20 Minute Pose5 Minute poses
5 Minutes10 Minutes20 Minute Pose
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Figure VI and VII: There And Back Again

These are from 2 separate sessions at Satyricon. The first 7 were with the model from the previous week. She’s a ballerina and so we got a great set of gestures from her. The last 5 are from this past Thursday. I chose to bring my laptop again for this one, and I think they turned out pretty well. I’m going to try to branch out to other figure sessions within the next few days and I’ll post any work I come up with.

30 Second Gestures30 Second Gestures30 Second Gestures
2 Minute Gesture2 Minute Gesture20 Minute Pose
20 Minute PoseDigital GesturesDigital Gestures
20 Digital Sketch20 Minute Digital Painting25 Minute Digital Painting
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Figure Session V: The New Batch

Another figure session at Studio Satyricon in Sodo.

2 Minute Warm Ups5 Minute Pose5 Minute Pose
10 Minute Pose20 Minute Pose40 Minute Pose
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Figure Session IV: A New Hope

Brought my laptop to the figure session Thursday and got some pretty good results with it.

2 minute poses5 minute poses5 minute poses
20 minute pose20 minute pose20 minute pose
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Figure Session III: Figurer

I was back at Satyricon Thursday for another figure session. I’m thinking about taking my laptop to the next one and doing some direct from life digital paintings.

Several 2 minute poses5 Minute Pose20 Minute Pose
20 Minute Pose20 Minute Brush Pen Sketch20 Minute Brush Pen and Pencil Sketch
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Alizarin Crimson

Went to another figure session tonight and I’ll have those uploaded tomorrow. In the meantime here is a digital painting study I did based on some of the sketches from the second session.

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